The world is changing and so are we, but what needs to remain unchanged is the Indian value system. Education without moral values is like a flower without fragrance. Our institution not only aims at keeping pace with the new technology but also teaches the children to inculcate Indian values and culture within them.

We emphasize our students to do the work keeping in mind that the nation will constantly rise to higher levels of Endeavour and achievement by their work. We assure that our students are full of confidence, ready to accept challenges and can achieve goal in their life.


Mrs. Shipra Bhatia

Principal DDEC, Ramaipur

M.Com., MBA, B.Ed.

School Overview

Dayanand Dinanath Education Centre (DDEC) is a pioneer institute and was set up by the devoted trustees of Smt. Lalita Devi Dinanath Sachan Charitable Education Trust (LDC Education Trust) with manifold objectives and commitments so as to carve a niche for itself.

Salient Features

  • Perfect blend of traditional pedagogy and modern technology.
  • Computer-aided teaching and Internet support along with imported software.
  • Awards and Scholarships for meritorious students.
  • House-wise division of students to encourage competitiveness.
  • Inspired by the dictum ‘Books are the best friends of a man’.
  • Proper and legible handwriting practice through a calligraphy workshop.

Our Aims & Objectives

Our Primary aim is to develop in the students the qualities of integrity, trust, tolerance and compassion; to promote the spirit of inquiry and scientific temperament within the bonds of humanism, to help the students to become a meaningful part of their environment and to develop courage. The pursuit of excellence is encouraged at D.D.E.C. School rests on the positive belief in the wide knowledge in every man to produce work the quality of which should be described as a milestone.

The Curriculum

DDEC is affiliated to the “Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE),” a widely recognized and highly regarded school board in the country following the 10+2 pattern of education.

At DDEC, we provide an effective framework for education through a relevant, broad, balanced, rigorously-taught and monitored curriculum. We place great importance on educating the ‘whole child’ at their individual level of ability and potential to ensure a happy learner.

Through a holistic approach towards learning we aim to provide our students with:

  • Requisite knowledge and skills that every child has a right to learn.
  • Learning environment enabling them to learn in a balanced manner, but stretching enough to challenge them and meet their diverse needs.
  • High level thinking skills which will help them tackle many of the moral, social and cultural issues which are part of growing.
  • An environment which allows interaction with peers and assists in development as a social system.
  • Regular assessments and continuous feedback for improvisation in the learning process.


  1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in maintaining punctuality, regularity and discipline.
  2. Parents should ensure that their wards take an active interest in the activities in the school.
  3. Parents are required to sign their wards, progress reports and return them as required.
  4. Parents/guardians and others are requested not to visit any class, or meet any teacher (on the school campus) without the prior permission of the Principal.
  5. Parents are requested to inform the school about any change in their address.
  6. All communications with the school should bear the name, class and section of the student concerned.
  7. Only a written request from the parents to let their child leave before the school closes will be entertained. Parents are advised not to call, or take away, their wards during class hours.
  8. Parents-Teachers meetings are held at regular intervals to provide parents and teachers an opportunity to exchange their views on their children

Payment of FEES As Per Bill Book or Rules Framed From Time to Time


  1. Children seeking admission to DDEC are first required to be registered .
  2. School prospectus containing registration cum admission form and folder is available on payment of Rs. 500/- .
  3. Registration is no guarantee for admission.
  4. Registration is not transferable to the subsequent year.
  5. Admission age for the playgroup is 2.5+ The following documents are required for admission :
    1. A copy of the Birth Certificate issued by a government authority.
    2. 5 Photos of Student and 2 of Parents.
    3. The latest mark sheet from the school in which the child was previously studying.
    4. T.C. for admission from 2nd onward.
    5. All other detailed information including health and other interest.
    6. Aadhar Card of child. Note :
      • The Principal reserves the authority to grant or refuse registration.
      • The admission of a student is at the sole discretion of the Principal.
      • Every student must pass the entrance test or interview conducted in the school for admission.
      • Admissions are considered subject to the age and ability of a child and the availability of seats in the class.
  Fee, once deposited, will not be refunded under any circumstances The progress of students is tested throughout the academic year by a series of tests / examinations at regular intervals as per CBSE norms. The students should, therefore, prepare themselves thoroughly for the same. Cumulative assessment of the whole year’s work is considered for promotion except when otherwise specified. A student who fails in a class for two successive years, or fails twice in three years will have to be withdrawn from the school as ordered by the principal.
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